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Shreyash Law Professional Corporation provides services for Visitor visas, Business visas, Express Entry, Super visas, Family Sponsorship, Spouse work permit and Parent and Grandparent sponsorship. If you are in Canada as a permanent resident or on a student visa, you can sponsor your relatives to Canada for a visit. Study and work. Specific limits are applied.  Find out if you’re eligible 


From simple to complex immigration proposal, our team of legal experts solves the immigration case with their knowledge and expertise. Our team of lawyers navigates the process of immigration. And in case of illegal documentation, we stand up for your client and resolve their matter with our professional expertise and knowledge.
Thereby, contact for work and study-related immigration service and attain experienced assistance. Ask your concerns related to immigration. As we help our clients in achieving immigration objectives. The Canadian immigration lawyer suggests the right application process, fees, and departments for the form to be submitted.

Our immigration lawyers assist in filling legal documents for gaining legal citizenship in the country or seeking employment. Additionally, we also provide support for establishing a new business in a foreign land. However, our immigration lawyers help in immigration interviews as well.

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